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Bear in mind this is a private party in a private home, limited to friends on our email list, and we are not compelled to accommodate anyone. We make no money on this venture, and in fact the privilege of hosting a house concert is expensive--we end up paying far more than any of our guests.

You have to be on our email list to make a reservation--no exceptions!

Once a show is open for reservations (about 60-90 days before a show), you
may make a reservation by prepaying a donation in the suggested amount of $20 per person, unless prepayment is waived for a particular show. Your check or money order must be:
  • Dated the date of the show (or within 30 days of the show); and
  • Made payable to the artist (not to Rawhide Trail Concerts).
If you don't like the idea of post-dating your check, do not submit your check for a reservation until a date within 30 days of the show. If you don't want to send a check or money order, cash will be accepted.

Mail the check to us at this address:

Rawhide Trail Concerts
10501 Rawhide Trail
Austin, Texas 78736

Please include a telephone number and the names of all guests (if known).

About one week before a show that hasn't sold out, we will begin allowing unpaid reservations by email request, donation to be paid at the door. IMPORTANT! If we permit unpaid reservations, please understand that we are completely trusting that all folks reserving a seat this way will show up. This is how our artist makes his or her living, and losing the money promised for seats we might have filled otherwise is such a bummer! And quite frankly, losing money on "no-shows" makes us feel just terrible for not having done everything we could to make this a successful show for the artist. So please show up! If you must cancel, please do so as early as possible.

Waiting List

If a show sells out early, you can request to be on the waiting list. We
will call those on the list in order as space becomes available. In any event, we will not allow overcrowding to compromise the experience of our audience.

To get on the waiting list, email us (or call 512-301-9959 and leave a message) stating:
  • your full name and a telephone number where we can reach you the week before the show; and
  • the number in your party and the minimum you would accept (e.g., "I want four seats but I'll be happy with two if that's all that is available").
Please be prepared to send us the names of your guests if you get in. (Everyone wears a name tag at our shows, and we like to make them in advance as a way to keep things running smoothly at the check-in station.

For a Sunday show, we may call as late as Saturday morning to give you the opportunity to attend, so don't give up hope! If we cannot get you in, we will try to notify you of that fact by email on Saturday.

Call or email if you have questions we haven't answered.

Dino Jobe and Leslie Cash